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Debt Consolidation

At Sandton Debt Counselling, we offer debt consolidation as a way to reduce your monthly debt repayments to ease your financial burden.  Our debt consolidation process allows for us to create a unique and tailor-made budget to suit our clients’ needs.

Debt consolidation is merely one part of the debt review process.  When you apply for debt review with Sandton Debt Counselling, we will explain the entire process to you during your initial obligation free assessment.

With this assessment, we’ll get a better understanding of your financial situation.  We’ll factor in all of the information you provide us – such as your income, debts owed, and other expenses – and give you an interim repayment amount as a ballpark figure.

Once you sign up for the official debt review process, we’ll gather information directly from your creditors and consolidate your debt to give you an exact amount.  The great news is that with debt review and debt consolidation, you’ll only have one affordable monthly instalment to make!

Debt review is also a legal process that is regulated by the National Credit Regular (NCR) according to the National Credit Act.  This law protects clients who are under debt review from creditors seeking to take action, which is an added benefit of choosing debt consolidation.

To learn more about debt consolidation and to sign up for the NCR debt review process, contact Sandton Debt Counselling today by completing our contact form now.  You can bank on having an expert debt counsellor help you reduce your monthly expenses and make your financial worries a thing of the past.